Decentraland Welcomes 'The Voice' into Web3 Space

Decentraland Welcomes 'The Voice' into Web3 Space

ITV Studios and Virtual Band Group launch 'The Voice Studios' in Decentrala
May 13, 2023

Popular singing competition, "The Voice", officially steps into the world of Web3 on May 12, as announced by ITV Studios, the show's creators, in collaboration with Virtual Band Group. They plan to unveil a permanent fixture within the Decentraland metaverse, aptly named "The Voice Studios." This platform will offer an interactive virtual experience, enabling users to discover and harness their unique vocal talents, echoing the real-life ethos of the TV show.

Lucie Stoffers, who leads Brand Licensing and Global Partnerships at ITV Studios, expressed her excitement about the upcoming venture. She stated that while the actual experience of being on the set of "The Voice" or receiving a personalized gift from a beloved coach is rare, the new immersive experience will give fans the chance to engage in a novel and exciting way.

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Launching with five distinct virtual experiences, "The Voice Studios" offers something for every fan. The Music Maker will allow users to craft their own songs and compete for rewards. Other activities will include a Musical Treasure Hunt, Dance Off, Rhythm Challenge, and Music Trivia. Fans will have the opportunity to showcase their dance moves, participate in “Battle Rounds”, and potentially audition for the real-life TV show.

As participants engage in the various activities, they will have the opportunity to unlock fresh experiences and merchandise, termed Voice-themed MetaMerch by the company. The initiative builds on a successful venture by the same companies during Decentraland's Metaverse Music Festival the previous year. The unveiling will take place in the Vegas City District.

Virtual Band Group's CEO, Justin Hochberg, conveyed to Rarity Sniper that the overarching aim is to "defy gravity" and provide an experience beyond what traditional TV or live events can offer. Hochberg envisions an engaging environment that encourages socialization, personal expression through avatars and fashion, and the exploration of new self-expression methods.

Hochberg Excited about the Metaverse's Potential

Hochberg cited two primary reasons for choosing Decentraland as the venue for The Voice Studios: the previous successful engagement at the Metaverse Music Festival and the platform's technological capabilities.

Hochberg shared that the previous event drew significant engagement, with the average participant spending 49 minutes at the event. Furthermore, the billboards delivered a return-on-investment that outpaced even social media.

Hochberg argued that if a brand wants to resonate with the younger audience, they should seriously consider this platform. He equated the potential of the metaverse with the early days of the internet or social media—those who joined early reaped the benefits. He believes that these open, decentralized platforms will play a pivotal role in shaping businesses over the next 15 years by allowing brands to create their own experiences, set their rules, and collect their data.

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